You guys already know that one of the daily challenges I face is finding a great pair of shoes! Well, the shoe gods were listening and I am thrilled to announce my partnership with Linea Paolo shoes! For those of you who don’t know, Linea Paolo shoes have been around for years carried at Nordstrom. They recently launched their new site and are carrying amazing styles there too!  You can read my interview below and stay tuned for two more months of giveaways!

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We are just thrilled to feature Rachel Richardson, fashion role model, founder of Lovely in LA, and possibly the very first boxing yogini, as our MAY 2018 Extraordinary Woman!

Rachel sat down with us for a little Q & A session to share a little about what she loves, who inspires her and her insights on confidence, creativity and personal style.

LINEA Paolo:
So we know that you have a great passion for fashion footwear – why do you love shoes?

Shoes can be that one item that pulls everything together for your outfit of the day. They can be a statement piece to elevate your look or classic and elegant for a more polished look. Some times I start with the shoes and select my outfit around them. I love having a mix of both comfortable and stylish shoes that I can wear all day to an event or for simply running errands around LA. This is one of the many reasons I love brands like LINEA Paolo that offer versatile, comfortable, affordable and on trend shoes I can wear for practically every occasion.

LINEA Paolo:
Thank you – this is so good to hear!

Let’s talk about you: what would you like to share with our readers about yourself; what inspires you; and why you feel your work is important and how you hope to inspire others…

So many things and people inspire me regularly. LA and the lovely weather we have inspires me daily. My parents, my sisters, friends and other women I have met along the way have all played a role in inspiring me.

I started my blog Lovely in LA to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to dress their best and be confident in their own skin. I hope that by sharing my daily ootd’s, adventures and accomplishments, that other will feel inspired to reach for their dreams and not let anything hold them back!

LINEA Paolo:
What are your All-Time Top 10 Favorite Things?

I definitely have more than 10 but these are on the top of my mind right now!

  1. Traveling – exploring new places & mingling with cool people since I can be known to be quite the social butterfly (wink, wink).
  2. Shopping & Styling – While I am a huge fan of retail therapy, that’s not the only reason I shop. I have a few clients I style regularly and my goal is to help them look and feel amazing (which is actually my favorite part)!
  3. Warm Weather!
  4. Photography (not just the subject of photos, I also shoot other bloggers/models on a regular basis and I am actually starting to enjoy that more!)
  5. The Gluten Free Pizza and Pasta at Pizzeria Il Fico. (While gluten free may not sound so appetizing, Il Fico has found a way to make theirs taste amazing!) Also, their regular dishes are some of the best too!
  6. Vanity Girl Hollywood Platinum Travel Vanity (it’s seriously a lifesaver on the go!)
  7. Dermaflash 2.0 (I’m a sucker for skincare products and this one is next level!)
  8. Yoga & Boxing (yeah, I know two very opposite things on the workout spectrum but hey, its about balance)
  9. Being outdoors (I love being at the beach or walking, or taking a hike.
  10. Fashion (I love design and working with brands in a creative capacity).

s Linea Paolo Bonney2

LINEA Paolo:
Your passion for fashion shines through on everything you do! Let’s talk about this some more…

How do you define your personal style?

My personal style is… classic, elegant and chic with a mix of high and low items that I always try to pull together for a polished look. I like to experiment with fashion trends and colors but typically stay in my comfort zone. I love a good statement handbag or shoes!

LINEA Paolo:
We cannot get enough of the beautiful images on your Instagram and Blog.

How would you describe your trademark style?

My trademark style is… colorful, classic, elegant and chic! I love dresses so I tend to wear a lot of those!

LINEA Paolo:
Speaking of color, hat’s your favorite trend color for Spring 2018?

My favorite color for Spring 2018… Do I have to chose just one? Lately, I’ve really been into blush, coral and yellow for Spring. I tend to dress very colorfully in general so its hard to pick just one!

LINEA Paolo:
One last question before we let you go. Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.

I wasn’t always in the fashion industry. I actually started my career in legal and finance. It wasn’t until about 11 years ago when I signed with an agency and started doing runway and fit modeling, that my career really took off. After that, I worked in trend forecasting before leaving my job to blog full time. I want to remind anyone reading this, it’s never too late to make a change!

LINEA Paolo:
Thanks Rachel for sharing your insights, and being an inspirational Extraordinary Woman to us all!


You guys can shop my favorites HERE & HERE :)




    • It’s one of my favorites but unfortunately it’s sold it out. It was from forever21’s junior plus line. Please check back for more tops like it.

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