I have been working with Gwynnie Bee for some time now as you may have seen. There are so many great things about the service but I really love the fact that I can try new things, wear them for an event and just simply return them in my prepaid envelope.

Gwynnie Bee Review Rachel Roy

For example, I rocked this black Rachel Roy sheath dress with my pink leather jacket and booties for a dinner. The next day I simply put it in its prepaid postage envelope and sent it back.

gwynnie bee reviews delfine sweater lovely in la plus size stitchfix

Of course if I love something like this Delfine Sweater which paired perfectly with my new boots and skinny jeans for fall, I can simply keep the item and purchase it or decide to wear a few more times then return. Seriously its that simple.

gwynnie bee subscription service review 30 days free

Gwynnie Bee is great for carrying new brands or items that you may not otherwise take a chance trying. I love Rachel Roy and that is one of the brands they carry but I wasn’t sure how I would like this long bomber jacket. Turns out I loved it but the nice thing is if for some reason I hadn’t there is no investment on my part, I simply return it!

I really encourage you to give Gwynnie Bee at try if you haven’t already. This is a sponsored post but I have continued my relationship with them for quite a few years now because I really believe this can be a great service for anyone!


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